Pregnancy Trimesters

A full-term pregnancy reaches its natural conclusion of birth in 40 weeks. Infants born before the end of 37th week are considered premature and may have difficulties with development and health challenges including breathing and digestion.

So what happens in each of the three trimesters of the pregnancy miracle system?

The first trimester lasts through week 13. Within this state of pregnancy most miscarriages as well as birth defects happens which makes this stage critical to the baby’s development.

The body of the mother also goes through incredible changes in this period. Nausea, fatigue and tender breasts are some of the challenges a mothers may expect in this period.

The second stage that may be called the “golden period”” lasts through week 26. Nausea diminishes, sleep improves and energy level may increase.

Golden period is relative since now the growing baby changes the load on the skeletal muscles and back, abdominal pain, leg cramps enter the picture.

From week 27 until the conclusion of a full-term at week 40 emotionally may be elating since it is the home stretch. Physically other symptoms like shortness of breath, disruption of sleep along with hemorrhoids and urinary incontinence enter the picture.